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Talking Leads to Healing and where Healing leads to Resolution 

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Therapy for All: Breaking Taboos, Building Happiness!

Imagine a world where everyone, and I mean everyone, has access to top-notch counseling without burning a hole in their pocket. Yep, you heard that right. Talk Heal Resolve is on a mission to make therapy not only effective but also as affordable as your daily chai.Forget the days of whispering about your feelings behind closed doors. Talk Heal Resolve is here to kick stigma to the curb and let you shout it from the digital rooftops. Because guess what? Your mental health matters, and it's time we all start treating it like the VIP it is.Now, hold onto your smartphones, because here comes the best part. A counseling session for just Rs 49! That's less than what you spend on that fancy coffee you love to Instagram. We're talking about a price tag so low, it's practically begging you to invest in your happiness.

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